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No.1 Website analysis

The customer's website can reflect the basic types of customers. Through the website information, you can quickly get the basic information of customers: business scope, product type, history and experience, scale, etc. The first step to get the customer resources is to search the customer, summarize the information on the Internet, and record the information. Through website analysis, we can basically judge whether this customer is making your product and how large it is.

No.2 Social platform home page

The company homepage usually introduces the company type, product range and scale, and can display the registration information of the company homepage

Working staff. Through these data, we can basically determine the scale of customers.

According to the home page display, add in-service staff, you can further contact, so as to obtain more favorable development opportunities.

No.3 Using development tools to judge

Get valuable information. If you have free or paid customs data, you can directly search the customer's company to see if you can get the customer's import data. Through these import data, we can accurately know the customer's import scale, supplier information, purchase peak and other valuable information. Especially for the customers who are still purchasing recently, we should seize the opportunity. In addition, the yellow pages of the customer's country, you can also search the customer's company, there will be unexpected harvest.

No.4 Inquiry customers can judge by platform data

If you receive an inquiry, you can directly enter the customer's page on the platform, and you can see how many inquiries the customer has recently sent, what type of inquiry, member year, etc. Basically, registered members who have been in China for a long time are well aware of import and export rules and often purchase in China. These customers have a certain scale and are relatively mature. However, the short membership period is not necessarily small customers, only that they have just come into contact with this platform.

No.5 Search on search engine

If all of the above tools can't be found, search customers directly on Google, and analyze and summarize through the pages. Basically, if a customer doesn't have a company website, they are all small-scale companies or new companies. Often can search the information that the customer leaves on yellow page, or register some B2B platform. The advantage of this search is that you can collect useful enterprise Yellow Pages and B2B platforms by the way.

In particular, some big brands can collect many useful platforms and yellow pages for other customers' search through such direct search and analysis of the pages

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